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This website is not up-to-date.

Check www.elcantina.nl for more information on my documentary

Check www.vismetvoeten.nl for the childrensbook I made with Lisa

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Piek is a photographer and filmmaker.

Piek does large autonomous projects and she works on commission. Both from commercial customers and from magazines and non-profit organizations.

Piek teaches Photography at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

Click here to see a video of Piek taking the photos at Boxing Influencers:



Piek made a children's book: www.vismetvoeten.nl Order? You can do this via peak@piek.cc. Send a message. 16 euros including shipping.


Piek made a documentary. Look here: www.elcantina.nl


Staging. Directing. Register. To create.

People. Always people. And sometimes not. And even then ;-)


Piek is Annemieke Kock. But call her Piek.


Piek is a very versatile and experienced photographer. Content aware, creative and technical. She started analogue, with all the trimmings and has since followed every technical development with great pleasure.

She makes illustrative images for the cultural sector such as photography for theater posters, festivals, exhibitions and events.

Piek works a lot for health care and education. The human interest side has always been important in her work: she is a human photographer with great empathic skills.


Piek has converted her fascination and interest in martial arts into 2 photo albums, lots of free work and assignments such as the Boxing Influencers and the Gimmertse Gladiators.


Piekk is also a reportage photographer: registering what is happening in an open way and sketching a complete picture with her photo's.


Piek lives in The Hague

She has a workplace in a studio in Amsterdam and works wherever possible.


In 1993, after the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in The Hague, Piek became the first permanent assistant at her former internship provider, Erwin Olaf. From 1998 she thought it was time to work more actively on her own career as a photographer. She has photographed a lot for Volkskrant Magazine, Nieuwe Revu, NRC M, sQueeze and many other magazines.

Piek Photography is Piek.



In the spring of 2012 she published a photo book with portraits of boxers: SECONDS OUT - Faces of Boxing


In 2014, the book "The Science that Works" for the Princess Beatrix Muscle Fund, for which Piek did all photography.

Her second autonomous book was published in June 2014: "Photo: Piek" a small book but full of photos that she made for Hummelinck Stuurman theater agency. A special must-have, this booklet. However: not available. Or is it?


In November 2014 her second photo book about boxing was published:


A beautiful and explosive book about willpower and perseverance.


In the summer of 2015, Piek initiated and organized an exhibition at Fort van Hoek van Holland: after about 25 years, she brought the group of first trainees and assistants from Erwin Olaf together to exhibit their current work. A very successful project. Very many visitors and a beautiful exhibition.


Charities, human interest, boxing and theater still play an important role in Piek's work. You can see all sorts of things on the portfolio page of this website. Peak also films. Like a one-man band. Shoot and run is called that.


She believes that consultation and cooperation lead to better results: together we are stronger and better.



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Piek Fotografie en Piek Video


piek @ piek.cc

Studio/ werkplek: Amsterdam, op aanvraag.


Piek fotografie   06-24805404    piek@piek.cc

06-24805404    piek@piek.cc